‘COLOR ART FEST 2021 – 22′ is the National online Drawing & Painting Contest for Creative Souls from 5 to 25 years of Age from India. CAF National Contest is Celebrating its 11th Year which is Organized & Sponsored by Globebook Mumbai. We believe every Individual is an Artist. This Contest is unique Platform for them to showcase their Creative ability & Win Loads of Prizes. We render this opportunity to all Individual, Schools & Art Institutions of the India.

Registrations are Open for First Round Phase 2 till further Notice. Statewise Registration Dates may vary on Special invitation send for School, Art Teachers, State & National Level Artist, Register Today as Discount & Participation Rewards are valid for first 1000 Registrations Only. Interested People may Register directly.


The Contest is Online with 3 Rounds. Entry Fee is INR 500/- for Single Contest. For 2 Contests pay INR 800/- & for all 3 Contest pay INR 1100/- . Discounts are on Combo & Trio contest for first 1000 Registrations only.

You can choose living or non living things like human, Alien, Animal, Insect, Bird, Vehicle, Furniture, Stationary or any Imaginary element as your Cartoon Character. it can be Cute, Hero or Villain, Name it, Draw what it can do, What are its Qualities, You can Use different Emotions & Situations to Express your Cartoon Behaviour. You can draw Multiple Cartoons Characters or Team with suitable Background Design on the same Paper. Please Don’t draw the same cartoons which are already existing in the World.


1ST PRIZE – INR 51,000/- + Gold Medal + Certificate
2ND PRIZE – INR 25,000/- + Silver Medal + Certificate
3RD PRIZE – INR 15,000/- + Bronze Medal + Certificate
5 APPRECIATION PRIZE – INR 1,000/- + Certificate of Merits
8 CONSOLATION PRIZE – INR 500/- + Certificate of Merits

State Level Digital Certificate of Excellence for A++, A+, A
State Level Digital Certificate of Merits for Others

Participant can choose any Free Courses from the available Courses.
Single Contest – 2 Free Courses
Combo Contest – 4 Free Courses
Trio Contest – 6 Free Courses
Digital Certificate of Excellence for A++, A+, A
Digital Certificate of Appreciation for B++  (only till State level)
Digital Certificate of Participation for Others


Group A – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class
Group B – 4th, 5th & 6th Class
Group C – 7th, 8th & 9th Class
Group D – 10th, 11th & 12th Class
Group E – 18 to 25 Years of Age


FIRST ROUND – City level
Phase 1 starts from August – Participants Scoring A++, A+, A & B++ in First Round are only eligible to Compete in State level. First Round Results will be announce on 14th November 2021. Result will be updated on website only. Phase 2 Registration starts in Mid November & Result will be declared in March month.
SECOND ROUND – State Level
Direct Entry or Wild Card Entries will also open for Semi finals
THIRD ROUND – National Level
1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize National Winners will be declared from each Group and receive Hard Copy of Certificate & Medal which will be send through courier, Cash Prizes will be Transfer to their Bank Account.


1. Participants shall submit only one Drawing on given Topic.
2. Submission apart from given Topic will be Eliminated.
3. All Participants are free to Draw, Paint, illustrate in any form or style as stated. Artwork must be Hand Drawn & not a Digital drawing . Artwork must be Colourful. Any type of Decoration, Fully Black and White or Pencil Sketch Artwork is Not Allowed.
4. Paper Size: A3 Size or 11-inch X 17-inch Size of White Drawing Paper. Horizontal or Vertical.
5. Artworks shall be Fresh, Original & must not be a Replica or a Copy of any artworks that has been submitted / Published on any Medium including Social Media before or after or at any other competition by the Participants / Parents / Teachers / Institutions without the prior Permission of the Organisation.
6. Judging & Grading of Artwork will be done on basis of Age, Subject, Idea, Drawing & Painting Style, Message & over all Presentation.
7. It is responsibility of the Participant / School / Teacher / Parent to ensure that you are not breaking any local or International or copyright laws.
NOTE: Participants must preserve their Original Artworks, to confirm the authenticity if required by the Organizers. All National Winners may have to submit Drawings of all 3 Rounds in Original at Mumbai.


1. Late Submission Fees is INR 100/- per contest.
2. Participants must send the Digital Image / Scan Copy of Artwork & Registration Form with good resolution in PDF / JPEG format only.
3. Submissions must be sent on email on or before the submission date given to the Participant at below email address.
4. Write only Name and Registration Number in Email Subject Column. Please don’t send empty email body, Mention Participant’s details in email body and then attach the files.
6. Sending Multiple Emails of same Artworks will be REJECTED. Every Sucessfull Submission will receive one time Confirmation Email as an Acknowledgement within 2 days of Submission.


Single Contest Pay INR 500/-
For 2 Contests Pay INR 800/-
For All 3 Contests Pay INR 1100/-

Entry Fee Paid from QR Code and UPI must send the Screen Shot of successful Payment and Participant’s details at our Email address – for REGISTRATION NUMBER

Pay with Net Banking / Debit Card / Credit Card


  • Color Art Fest 2021 – 22 Registration is open for Creative individuals from 5 to 25 years of Age from India.

  • CAF has announced Three National Art & Craft Contests for 2021 – 22. Poster Making Contest, Paper Cutout Art and Toon Mania with Phase 1 Registration for First Round starts from August & its Result in November , Phase 2 Registration Starts from mid November & result in March Month.

  • Statewise Registration Dates may vary on invitation Message, Brochure & Emails. last date for Submission is 10th November 2021 for First Round.

  • The Contest is Online with 3 Rounds and Entry Fee is INR 500/- per participant for Single Contest. Entry Fee once paid will not be refunded in any condition.

  • Discounts are only on Combo & Trio Registrations. For 2 Contests pay INR 800/- & for all 3 Contest pay INR 1100/-

  • Every Successful Registrations will get their Registration Number and Submission Date on Email within 24 hours.

  • Late Submission Fees is INR 100/-

  • Artwork must be Hand Drawn. No Submission will be entertained if Participants fails to submit their artworks on given schedule date & will be considered as disqualified from the Contest. 

  • Results & list of selected participants will be uploaded at our website and only selected Participants will receive email & Whatsapp messages for their Next Round.

  • Winners of the Contest will be declared by the Judges appointed by Globebook  & their decision will be final. Judging will be done on basis of Age, Subject, Idea, Drawing & Painting Style, Message & over all Presentation.

  • 1st Prize, 2nd Prize & 3rd Prize National Winner from each Group will achieve the National Winner title, Cash Rewards along with Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals & Certificate of Excellence. 5 Appreciation & 8 Consolations Prizes from each group will be rewarded with Cash Prize & Certificate of Merits.

  • All successful Submissions will receive Digital Certificate of Participation with Participation Gifts.

  • The Organizer shall be Free to sue such material for any legitimate purpose as it may deem fit. All Artworks submitted are considered as properties of the Organizer & no claim shall be entertained by any participants for the artworks submitted at the contest. Organizer don’t upload any Arworks of any Participants on site for Results. 

  • The Organizer is the sole Custodian of all the Artworks & has all the rights to Exhibit, Auction, Sale or Donate the Artworks at any point of time or reason there maybe. Globebook reserves all the rights to change, add or modify any rules & regulation at any point of time. You are requested to visit contest website for Terms & Condition & Updates.

  • The Organizer never share Artworks of any Participants, it is in our rule that no Participants either Allowed to share their Artworks on any medium till the contest is running And the reason is that We has collaboration with Art galleries and Corporates which purchases the Winning Artworks for Exhibition and Charity from the Participants directly on their own Agreed Terms. We don’t take any Monetary benefits from these Association. So for the benefits of Participants unauthorised display of Artworks are Prohibited and we are following these Rules and Regulations since Decade and hence our contests are from the Best National contests around the Globe.

  • Disputes subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

For Any Inquiry call Riya Chopra @ 8839871198

Between 9.00 am to 7.00 pm from Monday to Friday (INDIA) 

Email id:


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